Blockchain Marketing: A Guide for your Project 

A Guide to Marketing Your Blockchain Projects 

Cryptocurrency and NFT projects are a highly saturated market. That may be where the money is in – but it is not easy to capture this market because of the saturation. You may want to stand out and let the world know the layers of technologies your project is built on, and its nuances. The problems your project is going to solve and the transformation it intends to bring about. But to do this successfully, you need a community of crypto enthusiasts who would stand by your project – including venture capitalists, coders and users. You require exposure and solid marketing for your product, without compromises. To help you with this, we have prepared the following guide to take you through the important aspects of crypto marketing.   

This guide will provide you with a fine grasp of what blockchain marketing entails, how to excel in marketing your product, and understand a growing trend known as influencer marketing. To help you navigate, this article is divided into 2 parts. In the first part, we will go through the fundamentals to cover when marketing your cryptocurrency or NFT project. Do not miss these absolute essentials that will help you find all the love and attention your project deserves. In the second part of this article, we will look at why you need to pay attention to influencer marketing to promote your blockchain project. The second part will get rid of your fears and concerns about influencer marketing and direct you towards best practices. 

Part I: Get to know the fundamentals of blockchain marketing 

The following content consists of marketing practices to take note of when you launch your crypto or NFT project. Some of them may sound obvious to you, but if you are not paying attention, they can easily be missed. Prepare a checklist for your project that would cover the following:

  1. Create and maintain a professional website

Even before having a working product, you need to set up a professional website for your blockchain project. Needless to say, your website is going to be a significant part of the brand you build for your product. Make it compelling and relatable to your target audience. Choose appealing but relevant themes, colors and fonts to ensure that visitors get a sense of your crypto or NFT product from your website. An objective to keep in mind when developing your website is that it is made for savvy crypto enthusiasts as well as non-crypto users who may visit your website for the first time. Your website should contain all the details about your blockchain project. Some of the must haves to your website are the whitepaper, FAQ section, and sufficient details about the project in an understandable format to non-crypto users. 

“But, a blockchain project is going to be tech savvy. How do I make the website more engaging to a non-crypto user?”

Relate stories. Stories bind people together. One way to make your web content more interesting is to relate a story about how your team came together to solve a common problem and how you plan to achieve it. Use metaphors and examples to explain your product. Use simple objects that anyone can relate to, whether they are into crypto full time or brand new to the game. 

Focus on SEO marketing within your website content, beyond the keywords. A holistic approach to SEO requires you to post quality content regularly, so that you can be recognized as an industry leader and have other reputed websites reference you. Events such as airdrop or podcasts will improve user engagement, boost your traffic and Google ranking.   

  1. Get your social media accounts up and running:

One of the first things you need to focus on in your crypto marketing is to build an organic network of audience. This is where you need to use social networks effectively. Your blockchain project requires Twitter, Discord, Medium and Telegram accounts to begin with. Consistently engage with your followers by providing updates about your project, posting lighthearted tweets, Twitter polls, and engaging with other popular crypto accounts. Create short explainer videos frequently to break down complex topics about your product. The above steps can increase user engagement. 

Provide weekly or regular updates via Medium articles. By creating regular content you establish yourself as a leader in your industry. Your project stands out from a number of other projects as you directly address the users’ challenges by developing a solution. Instead of limiting yourself to just promoting your product, write extensively about the magnitude of the problem you try to solve. Connect your Medium articles to your website blog so that your website visitors can access the content directly. 

As for Discord and Telegram, appoint dedicated admins focused on building a community. Network with the community and provide solutions to their questions. Some may be concerned about price movements but your job is to build a community of substance, beyond price movements. Maintain regular communication through all social networks, keep your community engaged by organizing AMAs, podcast appearances and other fun activities. 

  1. Connecting via email

One of the traditional marketing tips that can easily be overlooked is email marketing. It is in fact one of the best ways to reach your investors and customers. Your objective is not to spam people, but to inform the potentially interested parties that you are working on a solution to a pressing problem and explain why they should support you. Once you identify your community and target group, provide monthly updates to your community by email and keep them in the loop. 

Now that we have discussed the fundamental crypto orNFT marketing for your project, let’s go to the second part of this article.  

Part II: Dip your toes into influencer marketing

Why would you resort to influencer marketing, if you have an amazing product that will most certainly address a pressing problem? Influencer marketing is valuable because engaging an influencer will give you quicker results in terms of market reach and engagement from the audience. It might save you time from gradually building your audience from zero – time that you could spend working on your product. This way, influencer marketing can be an excellent return on your investment. Let’s have a detailed look. 

Why does your project need influencer marketing?

What we discussed in the first part of this article are absolute non-negotiable elements of your crypto marketing. But the underlying commonality of all the above points is that it relies heavily on slow organic growth and traffic. You cannot rely on the “build first, clients will come” approach in this day and age – you need to proactively seek it. The market is saturated with numerous products. So it can take a long time to rank well in Google searches, find a loyal following, and to have your followers frequently engage with your content, no matter how good your product is. To circumvent this slow growth, we need exposure. This is where influencer marketing kicks in. 

Influencers could be celebrities, experts and authorities, vloggers and popular Tweeps. They have a massive following on any social media platform – including Twitter, TikTok and YouTube. They are well respected within their community as thought leaders. Influencer marketing is where you engage such influencers to promote your product among their audience, so that you get the desired exposure with your target customers. Influencers can provide you with a much needed headstart for public relations.

However, engaging an influencer might not be very straightforward. If you delve into it without researching the basics, your collaboration might be short lived and may not produce the results you expect. Before you make your investment, let’s look at how it is done.  

Deciding on an influencer for your project

There are a number of things to consider before deciding on an influencer to promote your product. For instance, are they credible and trustworthy? Some influencers promote projects that are merely pump and dump schemes – and choosing the wrong type of influencer can harm the long term image of your brand. Additionally, consider the medium of your choice – whether it is Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. Many influencers offer multiple social media services – but they may not be best positioned for your desired medium. For instance, if your project is built on Cardano, you cannot ignore YouTube influencers and focus only on Twitter – Cardano has a strong presence among crypto enthusiasts on YouTube who will invariably be interested in your project. Make a note of their number of followers, channels they use to connect to their followers and their specialized topics. Also, defining your target customer in terms of their age, demographics, and interests before you engage an influencer will help you assess which influencer has a similar following to your desired audience, and make an informed decision.  

Polish the content well before briefing the influencer. You will have limited time to explain your product so you need to ensure that the message therefore has to be unique, captivating the audience and concise as well. Remember, you are the expert here. The influencer will only convey your message – therefore it is important to brief them about your project, highlight important features, and clearly state the objectives you wish to achieve from engaging them. This will give the influencer the space and freedom to promote your product using their style and creativity while confining to the parameters you set for them.  

Run a test campaign before engaging into a long term commitment with an influencer. This will help you gain insights on costs, traffic directed from them and return on investments. If the traffic statistics demonstrate that your first collaboration was a success, you may want to organize more events such as interview or podcast appearance, written content, or promotion via their channels. 

Final thoughts

Marketing has evolved over the years to be an integral part of your business activity. Blockchain marketing is for your project means that you have to commit yourself to studying marketing essentials, different kinds of marketing and choose the best avenues possible. There are fundamentals that you cannot compromise on – such as having a professional website to improve the user experience, grow your following and engagement by involving in social networks, and producing quality content optimizing for visibility and ranking. There are also growing trends that you should not miss in the blockchain industry – such as influencer marketing. Investing in marketing can take your product to the desired audience and help you reap massive rewards. So it is important to pay attention – and invest in the right kind of marketing.   

Find support in influencer marketing

As an increasing number of users resort to social media to find solutions to their problems, influencers are more important than ever before. However, the exponential growth has also resulted in the influencer marketing industry becoming a maze to be carefully navigated by crypto and NFT projects. An influencer can have a positive or a negative impact on your overall brand and reputation – so there’s a lot at stake here. While you certainly can experiment with influencer marketing on your own, it will save you time and money if you involve some help. 

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