Billed Monthly

15 - 20 Qualified Leads




Billed Monthly

15 - 20 Qualified Leads




Billed Quarterly

15 - 20 Qualified Leads


Are you ready for a non-stop
influx of qualified,
closable leads?

We only target top 25% income earners from first-world countries who are actively searching for mobile app development solution providers. After they entrust us with their specific, detailed project information, we instantly and directly recommend them to YOU.

While they wait for you to reach out, we provide them with your information and incentivize them to book a meeting with you. We follow up with them consistently, encouraging them to meet with you as we provide you with all the following information about them:

We have a manual verification process

We guarantee you that every lead we send you:

We are happy to disqualify and replace any lead if you provide evidence it does not meet the mentioned criteria. You can expect 20 qualified leads directly recommended from us to you every month. If we do not deliver a MINIMUM of 15 qualified leads in a given month, we will REFUND your payment for the month IN FULL and you can terminate your subscription with us.

The Stats

1 in 5

Our clients report meeting with 1 out of every 5 qualified leads sent their way


Based on client feedback, the average ticket size for deals closed is $48,000

10% to 30%

Our clients report closing anywhere from 10% to 30% of all leads sent their way

We are bound to the agreements we make above via our terms and conditions