What is influencer marketing? And, why is it important in the P2E space?

The crypto, NFT, and play-to-earn spaces are filled with competition — bordering on over-saturated. Good marketing is the key to standing out in a crowd. Influencer marketing, when done correctly, will push your project’s brand awareness to the next level.

When was the last time you bought a product because of a TV ad? What about after seeing product placement in a movie? Or after seeing a billboard on your way to work? You probably can’t remember one time that has worked. Now think about how many times you’ve bought a product after an influencer has promoted it.

In fact, 93% of marketers are using influencer marketing in some capacity. This is not just a huge development in the crypto, NFT, and play-to-earn space but across the entire marketing world.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is where a company pays an influencer (someone with a large following on social media) to promote their product. It is a legal requirement to disclose the relationship between the creator and the product.

This can be done by approaching the influencer via DMs, business email or through their manager/agent.

Influencer marketing can take many forms such as a Tweet, a TikTok video, an Instagram post, an ad break in their YouTube video, the list goes on.

Some influencers will want creative freedom with how they promote your product. While others won’t mind a strict brief they must follow.

In the post(s) made, the relationship between the influencer and the company must be clear. The influencer must not assume their relationship to the product is already known.

Not only is it immoral and illegal if an influencer fails to disclose it’s a sponsored post. But the influencer and company are risking their reputation. You’ll have internet sleuths like Zachxbt after you!


Why is influencer marketing so good?

Done correctly, the impact of influencer marketing cannot be questioned — especially in the blockchain space. 

One study revealed that for every $1 you spend on influencer marketing you should expect an average return of $18. But when done correctly you can expect much more. One of our case studies with StarShip saw a return of investment of 32X! That is a return on investment that you struggle to find in any other form of advertising.

Influencer marketing works particularly well for play-to-earn games as the target demographic gets most of their play-to-earn (and blockchain) news from unconventional sources. The entire blockchain industry is underreported by mass media. YouTubers, Twitter accounts, etc. are forced to pick up the slack. This opens the door to ultra effective influencer marketing. Find your audience’s favorite influencer(s) and advertise there.

Ways to use influencer marketing for play-to-earn games

Influencer marketing can take many forms in the play-to-earn and blockchain space. In fact, it can take almost any form — get creative!

That being said, there are a few types of influencer marketing that we see the most. Let’s take a look at some of the best…

Play-to-earn game review

There are a sea of YouTubers reviewing the latest and greatest play-to-earn games coming onto the market. These videos can gain thousands of views which may push more players onto your platform.

You could hope that your game is picked up organically by one of these influencers. However, you can speed up this process by contacting them directly.

One YouTuber, Zueljin Gaming, regularly does sponsored reviews on his channel to over 320,000 subscribers. He explains in the videos that they are sponsored videos but also leaves a disclaimer in the description that reads:

“The projects that I covered and showcased in this video is sponsored.  That doesn’t change the fact that I would gladly recommend them based on my personal taste and interest.”

Project Quantum – AAA Play To Earn Looter Shooter (MMOFPS with NFT)

Having your play-to-earn game featured on a channel like this could mean great things for your project. However, you are going to have to hope that you get a positive review. This is where faith in your product comes into play.

Sponsored tweets

Just like it says on the tin, you’ll pay someone to tweet about your play-to-earn game. Simple!

Twitter is an extremely popular social media within the blockchain industry. Maybe only behind Discord and Telegram (if we count those). So focussing marketing on this platform would be smart.

You can either pay for a single or a series of Tweets that promote your game. This is where you can let your influencer be creative with it. A tweet boringly shilling your project can easily be ignored on the feed. Whereas, a fun, creative tweet made by an influencer for their audience is much more likely to have high engagement.

Engagement is what you want. Try to optimize your sponsored content to be as engaging as possible. Yes, you want eyes on your project but, most importantly, you want fingers on your project… that sounded a bit weird but you understand.

Instagram post

Despite being less popular with blockchain enthusiasts, Instagram is still a great bet when considering promoting your game. This is due to Instagram being the most popular social media for influencer marketers.

However, it is important to bear in mind, the audience on Instagram is different to the play-to-earn, NFT, and crypto type you are usually aiming for. Therefore, promotion on Instagram may need to be a bit more basic and have a hook that will interest everyday people.

If your project is ultra complex and only interesting to the most nerdy crypto bros, well, Instagram might not be for you.


Everyone and their Grandma is on TikTok nowadays. This is no different for blockchain finatics and play-to-earn hardcore gamers.

The TikTok algorithm is super-intelligent and hyper-specific, meaning you must get the correct creator to promote your project. Otherwise, you’ll be speaking to the wrong crowd. This is easily done.

Just like an Instagram post or a tweet, you’ll pay a content creator to push your project to their followers through a single or series of posts.

If done well, this could be the most cost efficient of all of the options. But this means keeping the sponsored post fun, light, and engaging. It is probably not the best idea to give the creator a long and boring script to read. Instead, give them a viral video idea that incorporates your project.

Large scale campaign

If you have a large wad of cash in your pocket, maybe it’ll be worth considering a large scale campaign. This is a full on collaboration between you and the influencer.

You’ll work together to create content on their Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and more. This guarantees the largest reach and highest chance to make a splash in the space. But it’ll definitely break the bank the most.

You will literally be shouting about your product from the rooftops.

How to find the right influencer?

Finding the right influencer to promote your project is the most important part of influencer marketing. 

The key to this step is knowing your audience. Sure, PewDiePie promoting to his 100 million subscribers is great for anyone but he (most likely) isn’t the right influencer for you.

Instead, understand your audience. Try to be your audience. Maybe research who your audience’s favorite influencer is. This will help you find the most cost-efficient influencer to promote your content.

Another integral part of the selection process is a background check. If this step is skipped, you run the risk of damaging your reputation. Imagine how bad it’d look if you promote your play-to-earn game through someone who is known for rug pulls? Not good…

Cheap way to do ‘influencer marketing’ … kinda

Okay, this is stretching the term influencer marketing a little. But it is a good marketing strategy to employ if you can’t afford to pay influencers to promote your play-to-earn game.

Use your community to create content for you. Launch a competition calling for people to create content incorporating your brand. Maybe it could be a creative trailer, a cool clip from your game, or maybe a challenge that has nothing to do with your brand at all.

One of the best examples of this is the Adult Swim TikTok trend in 2021. Creators were encouraged to create inventive short videos that ended with the brands logo. No reward was waved in their faces, just a fun trend for people to hop on.

Creative freedom led to Adult Swim being one of the most talked about brands on TikTok in 2021. Leading to over 6.8 billion views on the Adult Swim hashtag. That is the kind of brand awareness that money can’t buy.

Adult Swim [as] tik tok compilation

Community is essential for the success of many blockchain ventures — play-to-earn games are no different. Creating a community focussed trend like this can boost brand awareness while engaging fans.

Of course, not everyone is as lucky to have an already popular brand like Adult Swim behind them. Thus, you may want to incentivise people to engage with your trend by rewarding the best entry.

To keep costs low, consider giving away your native token or rewarding people with a mention in your play-to-earn game. Many fans would jump at the chance to be featured in their favorite pastime.

Don’t want to do it yourself?

Still feel too confused to do it yourself? But want to reap the rewards influencer marketing has to offer? Or do you simply want to take a hands off approach? 

Here at Manaflow, we have your back. We are the number 1 web3 influencer marketing agency that can handle your branding, marketing and public relations. We’re more than happy to take the reigns and push your project to the next level. 

Email us at: hello@manaflowagency.com to speak about getting us involved!

Influencer marketing is clearly essential, not only in the blockchain space but in the entire marketing world. You are missing out on a serious opportunity for low-cost, high-engagement promotion of your product. 

You know what you need to do to take your project to the next level. So… what are you waiting for?