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App Built from Scratch

$15k - $500k

2 - 12 Months

UX / UI Design

$6k - $60k

2 - 8 Weeks

Front-End Development

$10k - $100k

6 - 8 weeks

Back-End Development

$30k - $80k

6 - 8 Weeks

NFT Collection

$5k - $30k

1 - 3 Months


$10k - $50k

2 - 6 Months


$25k - $150k

6 - 12 Months


$30k - $80k

5 - 9 Months

Crypto Exchange

$50k - $500k

6 - 9 Months

NFT Marketplace

$30k - $100k

3 - 9 Months

New Blockchains

$100k - $800k

8 - 12 Months

NFT Games

$50k - $350k

5 - 12 Months

Hola Tech

At Hola Tech, we stand at the forefront of mobile app development, seamlessly merging innovation with functionality. As pioneers in the digital realm, we possess a team of accomplished developers, visionary designers, and proactive project managers committed to converting unique visions into tangible mobile solutions.

Driven by the latest technological trends and an unwavering focus on user experience, Hola Tech ensures that every application we craft is not only aesthetically captivating but also exemplifies operational excellence. With Hola Tech, you're not just getting an app; you're getting a partner dedicated to bringing your digital aspirations to life


Hanoi, Vietnam